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Village: Aquitaine

La Direction Finances & Admin

By ca-ts

La Direction est un cabinet de conseil financier implanté à Bordeaux et Toulouse proposant des services de direction financière externalisée aux entreprises innovantes et un service transactionnel aux investisseurs VC et Cap-Dev. Avec plus de 100 missions à son actif depuis 2020, son équipe de CFO expérimentés accompagne startups, PME et ETI partout en France.

Wine Ambassador


Wine Ambassador is a specialist in premiere wine tourism experiences. She opens the doors to chateaux, estates, champagne houses and vineyards that cannot be visited, with tailor-made tastings, Personal Wine Shopper and an exceptional service in France.



WeekAway offers recurring accommodation solutions during the week close to the office, a real 2nd home where you can leave your belongings. An offer that fits in with the new ways of living and working.



Rgoods creates and operates white label stores for associations to create an alternative to traditional donations. The startup offers a complete and turnkey solution with the objective of making every purchase both responsible and supportive.



ReGeneration designs innovative financial products open to all, designed to support and accelerate the transition of agriculture towards more virtuous practices. It measures, certifies and values all eco-benefits in order to bring the highest value to all those who invest.



Myxed. develops custom mixed reality solutions for industry in Europe. We increase data, decisions, and processes of companies by helping them to adopt and embed mixed reality into their existing processes.

Le Kocon


The Kocon is the 1st network of coworking-crèche that facilitates the life of young parents. The concept is simple: work and entrust your child in the same place for less mental load and more simplicity in daily life.



Hypnoledge is the first language learning solution under hypnosis. Designed by psychologists, hypnotherapists and native linguists, it is available on iOs and Android. It includes 6 foreign languages.

Hello RSE


Hello RSE is a French marketplace that addresses public and private orders. It offers on its website more than 100,000 products sorted by their social and environmental impact, as well as thousands of local and responsible sellers.



Etseme develops an innovative digital solution that decodes human physiological dynamics in order to alert and improve users’ well-being. The objective is to allow the machine to understand the human, for a fluid and efficient cooperation.



Fridaa. is the first mobile application that allows individuals to succeed in their first real estate purchase. The future buyers are guided from the simulation of their ability to buy until the constitution and sending of their credit file.

Deep Planet


Deep Planet offers an AI-based web platform that helps grape growers monitor and predict vine health, know where and when to harvest, reliably predict yields and measure soil nutrients.



Agilitest offers a comprehensive view of software quality at any time. The startup provides all software testers with an intuitive and robust way to create, maintain and execute automated functional tests.